Happy New Year! and its celebrations around the world!


Happy new year celebrations

Are you Ready for Celebrating New Year with us? Happy New year!

The New Year celebration starts from the last week of December up to the first week of January. New Year is the time where the whole world celebrates the coming year and say bye to the previous year. There are mix feelings of excitement and sadness. Excitement for the coming year and what that coming year will offer us. In addition, the sadness of losing the previous year as whatever we lost in the previous year. About thousands of new designs of Happy New Year, wallpapers and backgrounds are available at the online site.

History of New Year:

Its history originates in Ancient Greek times. They began their New Year with a new moon after 21 June. It was before the time of Julius Caesar the roman when New Year started on 1 March. In many European countries on the globe during the Middle Ages, the New Year began on 25 March (the day of the Feast of the Annunciation. From the 19th century, Happy New Year images, cards, and good wishes are available on the internet.

New Year’s Eve:

At many places around the world, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the evening, it is a larger and global celebration where social gathering, dance and night parties are organized. People stay awake late up the night to see the downing of the old year and emerging of New Year at the same time. At exact 12 am tremendous light shows can be seen at different places, siren blows, horns toot, whistles blows, charge bells blow. New Year’s Eve images for online sharing are in more demand.

new year eve images

New Year’s Eve and Day are representing different concepts across the world. Fireworks and firecrackers often spot midnight between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Most people drink and toast with sparkling or some with champagne wine.

New Year celebrations around the world:


In England, for good fortune people believe that first guest in their home should be young and healthy. The guest should bring bread (symbolize excess of food), salt (to get wealthy) and coal (to stay warm).


The fireworks and firecrackers are common celebrations in Egypt, along with this smashing glass, bottles and breaking things on the street are included in New Year celebration.

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Japanese prefer to celebrate with their families. All members help in cleaning and decorating homes and streets. Bamboo plays an important role in the preparation and decoration of the New Year celebration.


To symbolize luck and happiness for the coming year Chinese use wall hangings, paint their front doors, give away money in red packets. The red color symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

New Year Celebrations of the Gregorian held in few areas, mostly in major cities, like celebrations with fireworks, rock concerts are organizing in Beijing’s famous Shopping Park, and other cultural shows or events are held at the city’s Millennium Monument.


In Ghana, mostly peoples celebrate New Year’s Eve in church, other go-to Pubs, nightclubs. Some peoples take the street for New Year celebrations and at the midnight, firework displayed in different cities of Ghana.

Las Vegas:

Approximately 10 thousand people came to Las Vegas every year from the parts of the world to celebrate the New Year. Las Vegas is famous for its casino, strips and its different style of celebration. Tremendous concerts are organizing with famous pop stars. Quality Happy New Year wallpapers and backgrounds are purchases 20 times greater than any other part of the world.

new year's concert celebrations


In Canada New Year’s Eve, tradition and celebration vary regionally, but similar to the United States like social gatherings and celebrating with live concert and fireworks. At that time the demand for pictures of New Year’s cards, wishes and wallpapers are at a high rate.


In Italy, purchasing new clothes to attend New Year parties. Their costumes are similar to America’s. Exchange of presents along with objects like honey, money, gold, lamps, and cards, which symbolize health.


Korean new year celebrates up to 5 days marking at the beginning of the lunar calendar. North Korea and South Korea celebrated two New Year’s; one is lunar New Year and second is solar New Year. Solar New Year always celebrated on 1 January while lunar New Year’s differs. Sometimes both North and South Korea celebrate, while some individualities are celebrated differently or only on one side.


Iranian celebrates New Year on 21st march. Cards and present have given among the friends and families with respect to wishing happy New Year.

New York:    

New Year’s Eve defined by New York’s Times Square as an evening in which a billion people around the globe watch television and wish to be here. Happy New Year wallpapers and backgrounds, or cards are in high sales. This American tradition is more than a century old. New York’s nightlife is the most famous around the world. New York is the city of light.


People of Pakistan are full of passion and spirituality. Pakistanis gave large discounts on all items at New Year; Spreading the lights all over the sky. Pakistan is famous for peace and love. The people of Pakistan gave away free products due to their hospitality.  Beautiful cards and wishes start exchanging among the friends and families, organizing family parties and gathering with a variety of foods. Too many searches are made for online happy New Year’s cards, sending beautiful wishes for New Year’s.  In addition, New Year’s wallpapers and backgrounds displayed on the mobile and computer screens.

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New Year is one of the larger global celebrations, which are celebrating almost all around the world with many similar activities but with different concepts. It is a day of mixed feeling but celebrating mostly similar like exchanging happy New Year cards, happy New Year wishes, searching New Year wallpapers, backgrounds for the mobile screen, PC, New Year desktop backgrounds are displaying on personal computers and mobiles. we try our best to make this new year post will be helpful for you to increase your knowledge.


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