Merry Christmas! The Real History and Origin.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas:

Christmas is a religious festival of Christians, which is celebrating once in a year. it’s held on December 25 every year in the western church. Merry Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. About Ten millennia, people celebrate Christmas all around the world. Moreover, the number increases every year. Christianity is the most followed religion until 2018 pieces of research. For that day, the Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds are searched at a high rate. peoples share Christmas wishes among their friends and family and purchasing Christmas cards at their best rate at this time of year.


The origin of Christmas is derived from earlier anatomy Yule that is derived from a German word jol or Anglo Saxon geol. that is referred to as the feast of the winter solstice.


In early centuries, there was no evidence of Merry Christmas Celebration. Priests were not sure about the birth date of Jesus. In addition, the bible has no such verification in it about the birth date of Jesus.

Christmas History

Its all started in the 3rd century. At the end of the 8th century, Christmas celebrated all around Europe. After this, it leaves some priests such as “Puritan settler” of colonial America opposing the celebration of Christmas, with a rule made as “if someone is seen celebrating Christmas a fine of 5 shillings were made. In 1870, June 26 it was declared as a federal holiday in the United States. In the 1960s the Christmas wallpapers, images, cards and wishes became famous.

Christmas Celebrations:

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Christmas celebration comprises of all acts of humanity. Jesus was the best example of kindness, love, care, and forgiveness. Peoples like to exchanged gifts On Christmas, large feasts are arranged for family and friends. Enemies have also become friends and rebuilt of broken relationships are observed.

Christmas Gifts

Downloading Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds for mobile, computers and personal profile images as a DP, Merry Christmas cards are purchased and distributed among friends and family members. Christmas wishes are given. Poor’s are also blessed through Christmas gifts in the days of Christmas celebration. The installation of Christmas trees along with lighting and decorations. Cookies, milk, and candies are Left for Santa Clause. Stories told about the life of Jesus.

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Facts about Christmas celebration:

  • Each year about 30-32 million Christmas trees sold only in the United States of America these are real trees. As for this need, about 20000 Christmas trees are growing every year. its take a minimum one or two years to grow at the height on which they can be able to sell in the market.

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  • Millions of Christmas wallpapers, images, cards and wishes are downloading each year. Mostly the rates increase in the months of November.
  • In 1607s, the First eggnog was consumed in Captain John smith’s James town settlement.
  • As from the 1890s, the Salvation Army had been sending Santa Claus-clad donations collector on streets.
  • In 1931, construction workers started the Christmas tree tradition at Rockefeller Center.

Celebrations of Christmas

  • In Earlier times, Christmas celebrations were raucous and rowdy like the Mardi gras parties now a day.
  • Nowadays Christmas is celebrating at least up to 13 days after 25 December in Russia and Greek, which is referred to as “three king’s day”. As this believed was the day that a group of three wise men found Jesus in the manager.

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