Why Valentine’s Day Celebrated on 14 February


Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day

The word Valentine is come to form the name of Saint Valentine and also known as Day of Saint Valentine. The Valentine’s Day is named behind a priest St Valentine and It is celebrating annually on February 14. It is recognizing as religious and romantic holiday and liturgical celebration so you can find many stories about its history. Now many beautiful wallpapers, images, wishes, and cards are specially designed every year for wishing happy Valentine Day to your loved one as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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The history behind Valentine’s Day

King Claudius the time of the 3rd century of Rome rules it (the second), King Claudius has banned marriage in his state for soldiers and ministers of states because he believes that marriage makes a man weak and nonsense. According to him, a single man is more strong, more efficient and more solid but Saint Valentine is an ordinary priest and continuously fight against his orders. He always tries to convince people to oppose his orders and he also himself coordinate many soldier’s marriages, due to his actions against state rules the king put him in prison.

When he was in prison, the judge requests him for a favor to heal his daughter’s eyes who was blind from years. Saint Valentine prayed for her and with his expertise, he cured the judge daughter. At the time when she became well and healed, she came to visit him in prison. They both looked at each other and instantly fall in love with but King restricted Saint Valentine from marriage. When Saint Valentine refused to do so, King became angry. King ordered the execution of Saint Valentine. Before his death, Saint Valentine wrote a letter to his love writing at the end of “your Valentine” that’s why until today, lovers wrote your Valentine an end of their letters.

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Saint Valentine execute on 14 February AD 269 (according to Christian’s calendar) Fixed by the Western Christian Church. The Grand Feast of Saint Valentine was given by Pope Gelasius in AD 496, February 14 to honor the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine. The phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day” on 14 Feb, in the remembrance of saint valentine’s death, scarifies for his love.

How Valentine’s Day is celebrating?

Valentine’s Day is celebrating throughout the world. Almost 40% of people follow old religious rituals to celebrate while 60% use the latest ways to express their love to this day. Until the 1300’s the Day used to express love and care is celebrating as Day of love on 14 February and beautiful wallpaper and pictures are downloading about 60,000 times in every February from the online website. Valentine’s greeting starts in the 15th century. A tradition of exchanging letters started in the 17th century and Valentine’s Day gifts started manufacturing from the 1840s. Today 1 billion happy Valentine’s Day cards are sales in America. Yearly Americans collectively spent 20 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day.

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Most famous countries celebrating valentine day worldwide

Many countries celebrate it on 14 February as an official holiday. Some of them we are listing below:

  • Denmark
  • France
  • South Korea
  • Wales
  • China
  • England
  • Italy

Everyone has his or her way to celebrate this day. Mostly buy flowers, cards, gifts, jewelry, etc. 52% of marriage proposals are offering on 14 February in America and Beautiful wallpaper, pictures, cards, flowers for this event are displaying and purchase throughout February. The celebration is to admire our right to marry anyone at any time.

This all gets possible due to the hardships our ancestors went through but Still love is hard to handle but a lot easier than old times. Love cannot stick to just a single day. It should be every day everywhere and for everyone. Celebrate each day as your last day and  Valentine’s Day is just a wakeup call. It allows expressing your love, feelings and secret desires. Happy Valentine’s Day to you from our team in advance.

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If you have any lovely person in your life, then go grab some beautiful flowers and gifts for him/her to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them because no one knows when the time changes so avail your chance! You can also find beautiful Valentine’s Day Wallpapers and images from this website.


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